Eye-Protection App

An app that annoys you to take computer breaks.

Project Origin:

existing apps are   

Not very good

I often find myself spending hours in front of the computer without a break. After trying a few software currently available online, I often found that their warnings are too soft, and not intrusive. This causes me to miss the break warning most of the time. So I decided to create an app that is supposed to annoy you to the point where you have to take a break.

Learn how to use 


Electron is becoming more and more common for making desktop apps. It is an easy way to make cross-platform desktop apps using Javascript, HTML, and CSS. I wanted to learn how to use Electron, as desktop apps will be an essential part of my future projects. So I wanted to use the eye-protection app project as an experiment to learn and familiarize my self with the Electron library.

Problems I faced:

I faced a lot of problems, I went into this project not knowing mostly the languages used. I only had a little knowledge of JavaScript, and did not know HTML and CSS. I have also never used the Electron library. So, following the tutorial, I built the first structures of the app, but ran into issues with data sending. I needed to send data between two JavaScript files, and I did not know how to do it in Electron. Again, after not being able to find answers online, even after posting to the Stack Overflow site. I paused the project for awhile.