web automation

A Javascript program that automatically signs me up for classes each week. Made using Chrome's Puppeteer.



- Had a period where we could sign up for enrichment classes at school.

- Had to sign up every week - Very annoying...

- Therefore, I made a "web" robot to sign up the class for me.




- Was brand new to any web automation/web scraping. 

- Needed to familiarize myself with GET and POST requests.

- Familiarize how to convert cURL to request post requests.

- Needed to work around a badly built signup site (reuse of IDs: meant that Puppeteer couldn't accurately target an HTML element).


Project Quick Facts

Project Owner & Maintainer:

Jim Fang

Special thanks to:


- Klamping's repo

- Klamping's video

Open Sourced On GitHub:


Here (

Made using Puppeteer.

Project Start Date:

Feb. 2019

Project End Date:

Jul. 2019

Key Milestones:

- First web bot

- First IFTTT Maker enabled program

- First GET / POST involved program