2018 to 2019

Updated: Jan 7, 2019

The new year is here... Thinking back, 2018 was a busy year. 2018:

I felt that September to October was especially busy. Everything came at once. September and October was already full of SSAT test prep, and then there were the actual SSAT Exam in October, the Student of the Year award ceremony, GitHub universe, and I needed to follow all the tech conferences and new product releases during October.

I have a couple of goals and things that I want to do in 2019:

So those are my goals for 2019. I am looking forward to 2019. It will be a great year. Of course, I will continue paying attention to tech news, and new product releases. I want to go to more tech conferences such as Google IO & Apple WWDC. Hopefully I am able to, since shows like CES is 18+ only (I still don't know why...). I have always wanted to go to CES.

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