Google has ran into some issues...

So I recently have noticed that a lot more articles about Google has popped up on my feed. They were mainly negative, "Google workers share assault stories", "Google CEO Sundar Pichai bowed to Trump during the company's earnings call", "Google's censored search engine for China is sparking a moral crisis within the company".

First off, the dragonfly project. Why is Google doing this? In my opinion, this is ruining the company, this action to me signifies that Google just want more money and more users. Personally, I am starting to lose trust in the company, how could such a big company such as Google just randomly start creating an search engine for China? This means that the company is willing to work for different governments, and disregard its customers and employees in the process. I think such a big company such as Google who is running such an important part of our society should remain mostly neutral in its products. Their products which is used by millions of people each day can easily affect people's opinions. This dragonfly project to me means that Google could start censoring things for the US government too!

Another example that shows that Google is willing to work for the Government is when Google CEO Sundar Pichai "bowed" to Donald Trump during its Q3 Earnings Call, Google usually never talks about how it contributed to the US, and how many new employees was added. So clearly, this was a move aimed towards the Trump Administration. Which further shows that Google can be controlled by governments. Which could also mean that the information returned from their search engine could be biased.

Finally, the harassment walkout by Google employees. Personally I think this is not a big problem, it is going to happen to any big company, it is almost unpreventable. So as long as their HR and PR handles the situation well, I don't think it should be a worry. The worry here is the different groups of people that are forming with in Google. The dragonfly project created two groups within Google, people who were supportive of the project and people who were not. Then the walkout came along, and another three groups of people formed, people who supported the walkout, people who don't care about the situation and just want to avoid all this drama, and people who were not supportive of the walk out. Now, with so many different groups of people, is this going to affect productivity and collaboration between teams in the company? What is this going to do to their future products and how are different teams, who may have different opinions collaborate without getting into an argument? These are all concerns that I have, because they may affect the company's earnings, stocks, and product development.

So, I hope Google can resolve these issues as soon as possible, and personally I want Google to follow their own missions, not the government's.


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