Nasdaq Composite: It is starting to drop...*

Updated: Mar 14, 2019

So the other day, I noticed that the Nasdaq index seems like its starting to drop. It has maxed out already with a little point (red arrow), and started to descend. The reason I say that it is starting to drop is because it seems like it has dropped more than any other drop after the dot com crash around the 2000s.

The red arrow shows what seems like the peak, and the blue is where we are now. The peak was around Aug of 2018. (Now clearly looking at a magnified chart, the highest point was 8/29/2018 @ 8109.69)

Plus personally I think we are at another "dot com crash" point with consumer electronics, software & hardware. It is getting harder and harder to be innovative with phones, TVs, etc, and plus everyone seems to be making software and doing start-ups. I feel like the tech market is really crowded and needs a "clear up".

The index may grow/bounce up a little bit but personally I think the red arrow marks the decent of the stock market. Tech stocks are the most inflated, so they will go down first, and the fastest (which is what Nasdaq represents - tech stocks), so once Nasdaq drops, eventually everything else will drop. Since tech is the major driver in stocks right now.

These are just my thoughts on the current tech stock situation.

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