Android texting on the web using Android Messages for web.

Finally! We can text with an android on the web! However, I think Google could of done this earlier. Since now Windows have created a "Your Phone" app which allows Windows 10 users to text on the PCs. The "Your Phone" App is way more convenient then going to an website and scanning QR codes, therefore I think a lot of users that will be using the feature will switch to the "Your Phone" app on Windows 10. Now, there will still be Chrome OS, Windows 8 & 7, and a small amount of Mac Users using this feature, however I think the majority of users who will use this feature and has a Windows 10 machine will switch over to the "Your Phone" app on Windows. It is faster, and more convenient then Google's option where you have to go to a website and scan a QR code with your phone.


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