Tesla Model 3 affecting Prius sales?!

This article was pushed to my feed the other day, and I was like what?! How could this happen? Model 3s are still considered luxury cars (see fig1). The cheapest one is still $44,000 upfront! Where as the Prius (see fig 2) is $23,475 upfront! How could this happen?

fig 2 | Prius One build site | toyota.com/configurator/build/step/model/year/2018/series/prius

After some thinking, I came to the conclusion that there were probably two situations:

Situation a: Model 3 had a better price to performance ratio, so people who originally would've bought a Prius spent more on the model 3 to get the better deal.

Situation b: People wanted a full three-box electric sedan, and model 3 was the only decent one out there. Also they loved the tech and what Tesla is doing. However the S & X were too expensive. So they bought the model 3. Before the model 3, the closest they could get to was plug-in hybrids (the Prius Prime).

So I think those are the two biggest reasons (especially situation a) that cause Prius sales to be affected by a sedan a rank higher from it.

Some other things I would like to mention:

* The websites:

In my opinion the Tesla website looks way cooler! :) I love how you get to see the car's components & the bold numbers just pop out to the buyer. The Prius website just works, there isn't anything that will impress people (in terms of website design), and that is fine, but in my opinion I would vote for the Tesla site.

*My dark mode:

So, I recently have changed over to full dark mode. Which includes my browser. It looks great! This was from a chrome extension. I have never seen 3rd party dark mode done so right. It is brilliant. So far after 3 days, I have not had any issues with text on the browser or things not showing up because of the dark mode extension. It is open sourced on GitHub too!

GitHub: https://github.com/darkreader/darkreader

Website: https://darkreader.org/

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