Project Origin:

- There are so many bots online... How hard could it be to make one?

Problems I faced:

Development/Programming Problems:

- Online tutorials were outdated: Lead to errors that I didn't understand.

= Completely new programming language. I needed to learn Javascript from scratch. 

- First time working with a development library. I could not understand their documentation. Limiting the number of resources that were usable. 

- First time using 3rd party public APIs. Had to learn how package managers like NPM worked.


- Discovered GitHub code-sharing & open-sourcing platform. Discovered tons of code examples.

- Familiarized my self with common documentation practices by testing my understanding using coded implementations.

Project's End:

During January of 2019, my Discord account was terminated. This was due to a report I made that involved a series of messages sent by another user, which threatened to take down the Discord service. In the process of gathering evidence, I joined a server that was dedicated to planning the takedown of Discord's service. After gathering evidence, I forgot to leave the server. Therefore, when that server was flagged and taken down by Discord, my account was also terminated. After reregistering another Discord account, I realized that I needed to move on, and focus my attention on more complex projects. Therefore I ended the PowerBot project. 

A few months later, I was contacted by a Canadian company that specialized in custom software solutions called ProgrammersEdge. They were willing to take over PowerBot and all its assets. After agreeing, the PowerBot repository on GitHub was transferred to ProgrammersEdge.

Project Demographics & Details*

120+ Servers

74,000+ Users

60+ Calls/Day

Project Owner:

Jim Fang

Project Maintainer:

Ethan Mitchell @ ProgrammersEdge LLC.

Open Sourced On GitHub:


Here (

Made using Discord.js & Used on Discord.

* Project statistics from PowerBot's last service. Before transfer to ProgrammersEdge.

Project Start Date:

Jun. 2017

Project End Date:

Jan. 2019

Key Milestones:

- First Javascript project

- First open-source project

- First GitHub project

- First NodeJS project

- First project to use 3rd party packages