Project Origin & History:

- Joined when I saw an announcement on our student bulletin in 6th grade.

- Started by doing systematic tasks, such as formatting, updating, and resetting computers.

- Voted as the middle school division president in 7th grade.

- Setup & managed our inventory system for community donations.

- Interacting with donators

- Managing donations.

Problems I faced:

Money &


- We started receiving Windows-based computers from our local school district.

- However, we did not have Windows licenses, and therefore could not reset them. 

- We reached out to our local newspaper for some promotion.

The Inventory System

- Flooded with donations after exposure in the local newspaper.

- Needed to know who donated what, otherwise we risked getting sued (Tax deductions).

- I quickly built an inventory system using Google Sheets and created our own SKU codes.

Windows Digital Licenses

- After media exposure, we were able to get invited to a non-profit fundraiser performance by an artist.

- Successfully fundraised $3000. 

- We then were able to reach out to Windows, and receive Windows licenses at a discounted price. 

Project Details

~50 Computers returned

to the community/year

60+ Community Tech Donations Received

$4000+ total in donations

Key Milestones:

- First non-profit joined

- First leadership position held in an organization.

- First custom inventory system

- First time fundraising

- First time managing PR

Project End Date:

Present (Project on going)

Project Start Date:

Nov. 2016