SpotiMuter - The Cross-Platform AD Muter for Spotify 

One app for all platforms. Built using Electron.



- Started as a way for me to learn Electron.

- I also needed a cross-platform Spotify AD blocker.  I had one on Windows and a separate one on Mac. 

- What if there was one app for all platforms?

- Spotify ADs are a common issue: Teachers would often run across the classroom to mute Spotify ADs.


While building

- Needed to learn how to use Electron

- Learn how to use two new languages - HTML & CSS

- New to OAuth flow - Needed to learn OAuth authentication flow.

- My NodeJS version was different from the version a native Node module was built in. Needed to learn how to rebuild Node native modules.





- Mutes Spotify application/Speakers when AD is playing.

- Shows basic song information in the application:

o   Song name

o   Artist names

o   Explicit rating by Spotify

o   Duration of song

o   Current progress of song

o   Toggleable AD block (If you want to hear the AD you can toggle the AD blocker off)

o   Toggleable stickiness (If you want the app to be sticky - stay on top of all other windows)

o   Adaptive app background - A color that best fits the album cover & song - This is calculated using k-means clustering - See the paper here: Hasler and Süsstrunk (2003).

SpotiMuter Showcase

Windows (win32) Application


MacOS (Darwin) Application

Screen Shot 2019-08-09 at 23.46_edited.p

SpotiMuter Details

Project Owner & Maintainer:

Jim Fang

Open Sourced On GitHub:


Here (

Made using Electron JS

Project Start Date:

Mar. 2019

Project End Date:

Present (Project on going)

Key Milestones:

- First Electron project

- First desktop application

- First application to follow OAuth flow

- First application with GUI